Drug Crimes Attorney

Whether you are in jail, doing time in a federal prison, or have completed your prison sentence, you may need the services of a drug crimes attorney. Depending on the nature of the crime committed, punishments can be classified into either felonies or misdemeanors and are often subject to different degrees of severity. Common drug crimes include the following:

Simple possession of drugs with intent to distribute is one of the most serious drug charges that can be filed. This charge carries a sentence of at least six months in prison, which includes any jail time that was imposed for prior drug-related convictions. In addition to jail time, this offense carries heavy financial ramifications on the offender, as this offense can result in a mandatory fine, community service and probation, which can put a significant dent in the financial resources of an individual. The penalties for this charge are far greater than for other drug-related offenses. There are very few defenses in which an individual can argue this charge.

Even if you are convicted of misdemeanor possession of marijuana, you can be subject to an increased sentence, depending on how many times you have been arrested for this charge, the amount of marijuana possessed and how much was sold. If you are convicted of felony possession of a weapon, this sentence is subject to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines (FSG), which are used by judges to determine the sentences to be given to defendants in various cases. The sentencing guidelines are based on many factors, including the defendant's criminal history, the amount of drugs possessed, the method used to sell the drugs, and the type and amount of the drugs sold. Even though the sentencing guidelines are based on several factors, the judge is usually allowed to impose a sentence based on what he deems reasonable for the circumstances presented.

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